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It's good to have you here in my little space on the web!

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Thanks for dropping by!  Here you can learn about my recording projects, upcoming gigs, general thoughts on music, and other random stuff that comes to mind.
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Audition/buy "June Balloon"

Audition/buy "The Shapeshifter"

Audition/buy "Heartside Sketches"

Audition/buy "Two Worlds"

Audition/buy "Contemplating the Heavens"

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Audio from my 4/16/12 solo piano recital at Aquinas College

"Heartside Sketches" solo piano performance from Artprize 2011

Mind's Eye

Grupo Aye'


The Grand Rapids Jazz Orchestra

Linda Nemec Foster

West Michigan Jazz Society

Lots of exciting things on the calendar, too! Please click the gigs button on your upper left to check them out.

So, What Else is New?

Lots of great things happening this Fall! One of the most exciting for me is a concert of my music at the Grand Rapids Art Museum November 26 at 2pm. An ensemble of virtuoso string players from the Grand Rapids Symphony will perform my String Quartet and a new quintet for piano and strings, "From Darkness into Light." This will be the world premier and I'll be joining them at the piano. For other live performances, please click the "gigs" link to your left. Hope to see you somewhere along the way! And, thanks for dropping by.